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Outdoor Season

The outdoor season is here again! The plants can be put outside.

Come to the Greenhouse

Today is "Come into the Greenhouse Day. Nanda and Jan answer two questions from our followers

Come into the greenhouse - Ask your question

Since the 'Come into the greenhouse - days' have been cancelled, we would like to answer your questions digitally!

World Water Day!

Do you want to know how we deal with water in our company? Or how much water your plants need?

Complete your plant

To complete our plant of the month, we go that extra mile to relieve our customer. Because... a plant without a pot is like cake without whipped cream.

The bell pepper and tomato plants are stoked!

The Capsicum annuum 'Just Chill'n' and the Solanum lycopersicum 'Ponchi', or also known as bell pepper and tomato plants, have been staked!


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