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Our Potting Toppers

Potting: the beginning of a beautiful Bunnik Plants plant. Our Bunnik Plants plants arrive as small mini plants. Each potting machine takes on three top players in a daily battle in which speed, time and knowledge play the main roles.

Bunnik Beauty's: plants with an unusual leaf pattern

We see them more and more around us, special plants. Especially plants with a beautiful leaf pattern are becoming more and more popular and these 'Bunnik Beauties' are certainly not to be missed.

Driving 12 million km on power from our solar panels

Every year we generate more than 2,350,000 kWh of electricity with the more than 8,000 solar panels on our greenhouses. That is enough to drive almost 12 million km with an electric car!

Bunnik Plants goes green

We recently had the green zone around the outfield mowed and sowed with a biodiversity mixture.

Grower's tip: Plants for the window sill

There are plants that can't stand full sun, but fortunately there are also a lot that are happy with a spot on the windowsill. We take you through our choice as a grower!

Green Inspiration Weeks

During these weeks, our new plant varieties will be on display at the Green Event Centre.


8-9 September Autumn Fair Naaldwijk

For us, the Autumn Fair is the place to present autumnal products and new ideas. For visitors, it is an exceptional chance to view and order the products. Visit us on 8 and 9 September 2021 in Naaldwijk for the Royal FloraHolland Autumn Fair!

3-5 November Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Are you curious about the latest developments in the floriculture sector? ​Visit us during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2021 between 3 - 5 november! Discover. Admire. And connect. With each other and the world.

25 - 28 January IPM

IPM ESSEN, the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture, is the most important global event in your industry. Will we see you there?

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