7 september 2021

Plant Health

Plants make you happy, that is what we believe at Bunnik. Plants create ambience in your home and bring an interior to life. In addition, plants also provide good acoustics in the house because the leaves absorb background noise. But did you know that plants are not only fun, but also very healthy? Below are six reasons to bring plants into your home.

Plants reduce stress and put you in a good mood 

A green space has been proven to lower Cortisol (stress hormone) levels. In fact, the color green has a calming effect and creates a better state of mind. Did you know that the color green even lowers blood pressure and lowera your heart rate? In short, the color green provides relaxation, cheerfulness and positive energy! 

Plants provide a sense of happiness 

Following on the above, most people are happy outdoors. By bringing this piece of the outdoors inside, you create a feeling of happiness. In addition, you get a lot of satisfaction from taking care of a plant, which also makes you feel happier.

Plants provide better resistance 

Because plants increase humidity, dust particles in the air decrease. This reduces the chance of catching a cold or a blocked nose by 30%. Having plants around from an early age also reduces the risk of allergies. Plants also produce oils against insects, which are good for us, and the bacteria in plants are good for better digestion!

Plants purify the air 

Besides improving humidity, plants also purify the air. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and break down harmful substances. An example of this is formaldehyde, a substance that often causes headaches.

Plants ensure concentration 

As you have read above, plants provide a better state of mind and cleaner air, which contributes to better concentration. In addition, you are more productive and creative in a green environment because the "attention muscle" can recharge by looking at plants. Did you know that you even get a better memory from plants around you?    

Good night's sleep 

Since plants reduce stress, provide high humidity and generate more oxygen, I don't need to tell you that having plants in your bedroom will also help you sleep well!   

Finally, a tip from NASA: Place at least one plant per ten square meters.

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