Bunnik Plants was born in 1945. After WWII, Grandfather Ferd started growing vegetables under flat glass in the village of Pijnacker in the province of Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands.


Bromelia Aechmae

In 1967, Ferd, like many other vegetable growers, switched to floriculture. His first potted plant was the Bromelia Aechmea. Fa F.J. Bunnik en Zn. soon became a household name in the region.


Berkel en Rodenrijs

Three of Ferd's sons joined the company in the early 1980s. The existing building in Pijnacker was too small for the boys and so, together with their father, they purchased a new building on the Kleihoogt in Berkel en Rodenrijs in 1981.



Towards the end of the 1980s, Grandfather Ferd took a step back and the brothers bought a piece of land in Bleiswijk. With the construction of their first greenhouse, the brothers became the first growers in that area.


Second greenhouse

When a second greenhouse was built in 1991, that company was given the following name: ‘Gezusters Bunnik’ [Bunnik Sisters]. The brothers felt that the time had come for some more recognition and so two slanting pillars were placed at the entrance of both companies.


Bunnik Plants

A lot changed with the construction of the third company in 1997. From that moment on, the brothers thought it be more convenient to use one umbrella name. They ended up opting for the name 'Bunnik Plants'.

Begin '00


Bunnik Plants realised in the early 2000s that the presentation of its end product was becoming increasingly important. To this end, a fair is organised in the greenhouse about four times a year.


Bunnik Creations

Due to the increasing demand for added value, Bunnik Creations was launched in 2005. It specialises in ceramics and decorative materials.


Queen Beatrix

In late 2005, Bunnik Plants was honoured with a visit by Queen Beatrix.


Green Event Centre

The Green Event Centre officially opened its doors on Monday 2 March. Several themed houses can be found in the Green Event Centre.


self-organizing teams

Self-organising teams are a way of working in which decisions are taken more by the employees. The company is not led hierarchically, but instead is the responsibility of the employees.


Own factory

A factory of our own in China where ceramic pots with powder coating are made.


Third generation

With a big party, the brothers where thanked for everything they have done for the company. Thomas and Dennis Bunnik received the baton on behalf of the third generation.



Covid-19 caused a large overproduction and a temporary store was started for consumers. Many TOP'ers help with the action "Not a hand but a plant", where plants are handed out in the neighborhood. The Secretary to the King, Jaap Smit, visits Bunnik Plants to discuss the impact of the corona crisis on the entire floriculture sector.

Growing at Bunnik

With us, there's only one thing that grows faster than the plants, and that's you. With 14 teams, 200 colleagues and a multitude of locations, Bunnik Plants is a place that's constantly developing. Rotating keeps us sharp and curious. We share our annual profits, so we think as one and help each other. We work in self-organising teams so employees are the architect of their own work. Come think along with us. Come make decisions with us. Come grow with us.

Working at Bunnik