Our plants

We strongly believe that plants make people happy. They help to create a healthier, cosier home.

Every home

  • We want that for everyone, no matter how you live. More than just a plant, for everyone.

Innovative concepts

  • That's why we grow plants. Naturally. And that's why we develop concepts. Of tomorrow.

A Bunnik Plant in every home

  • Everything with respect for the environment and for the employee. 
  • Which explains our mission: A Bunnik Plant in every home.
  • We do so by growing SUSTAINABLY and through TOP collaboration. 
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Bunnik Plants 85930

Growing at Bunnik

With us, there's only one thing that grows faster than the plants, and that's you. With 14 teams, 200 colleagues and a multitude of locations, Bunnik Plants is a place that's constantly developing. Rotating keeps us sharp and curious. We share our annual profits, so we think as one and help each other. We work in self-organising teams so employees are the architect of their own work. Come think along with us. Come make decisions with us. Come grow with us.

Working at Bunnik