Quality assurance

Growing a plant with true respect for the evironment and for the employee.

That's our motivation.


We conduct demonstrable, sustainable and environmentally friendly business operations. With the 'A+' (from MPS ABC) we achieve a very high score, which is only reserved for leading companies.


We work meticulously in terms of traceability, the environment, safety and hygiene. MPS-GAP is the next step after MPS-ABC on the road to sustainability.


We consider the social aspects of our business as important as the environmental aspects. That is why we also certify ourselves in the field of working conditions, health and safety.

MPS Product Proof

To demonstrate our standards not only within our company, but also within our product, we are Product Proof. This means that we demonstrably do not apply certain active ingredients to our plants.

Global G.A.P.

We grow a number of edible crops and with GlobalG.A.P. we show that this is done under the right conditions in terms of fertilisers, company hygiene and crop protection products.


This is an add-on module on GlobalG.A.P. and is similar to MPS SQ.

Planet Proof

Our products are sustainably produced and therefore better for nature, the environment, climate and animals. Growing with respect for our world. And that of tomorrow.

Why Bunnik

More than just a plant, for everyone. By growing sustainably and through TOP collaboration. We believe in green. We believe in a nicer, healthier home with plants. Especially plants that have been cultivated with respect for the environment as well as for the employee. Those are Bunnik Plants. Which explains our mission: A Bunnik Plant in every home. 100% finished, so shop and windowsill-ready. With pots, added value and excellent service.