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We understand that visiting our Green Event Centre is difficult during this period. Despite this fact, we are at your service and you can still contact us. You can also virtually view our Green Event Centre with the new trends using the latest 360° photos. Please scroll down on this page. We will act with confidence and hope that everyone will enjoy their day, even in this tough period.

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Green Event Centre

Green, greener, greenest! Visit our creative space and see the wide range of plants and added value. All Bunnik Plants plant species can be found here, while one plant is placed in the spotlight every month.

Make an appointment right away to drop by and get inspired!


Our Green Event Centre

A space to inspire you. Will you start with a cup of coffee or will you go down the slide first?

Start with a tour of the different themes. The inspiration for this comes from all over the world and from different angles. From German, English to Asian. Take a look at the different styles that are currently trending or which are up-and-coming.

The most beautiful product photos are also taken here and unique total concepts compiled. Did you know that you can combine pots and plants yourself at our Green Event Centre? Compose your own original mix to achieve a beautiful end result

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Trend Magazine

This magazine contains a number of different themes. Browse through all the themes at your leisure and get inspired. Have you read the latest edition yet?

Trend Magazine
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