Sustainable mission

Enjoying nature. Everyone. Forever. A happy environment. That is our sustainable mission.

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The sun

The sun is our greatest friend. It heats our greenhouses, it makes plants grow, and there where no plants grow we use the sun to power our machines.

Biological pest control

We love happy bumblebees. They help us pollinate our tomato plants. Other biological friends also help us every day: for example geckos in the fight against spiders and their webs


No CO2, but oxygen. Our plants are the green lungs of South Holland. The CO2 released by the refineries on the Maasvlakte is captured, transported to our greenhouses and converted into oxygen by our plants.


We don't waste, we recycle & reuse and give raw materials a second life.


Not only do we cultivate the plant itself in the most sustainable way, but we also do everything around it with respect for the environment. Less plastic, more future.

No natural gas

We heat our greenhouses with residual heat from the Rotterdam power station. 


Our plants are watered with rainwater. We catch the rain that falls on our greenhouses and store it in basins. Through our recirculation system we also collect the water that we use inside the greenhouses. We also (re)use our own water this way.

Sustainable growing

We believe that you can only grow truly sustainable plants if you prioritise all resources: the natural and the human

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Why Bunnik

More than just a plant, for everyone. By growing sustainably and through TOP collaboration. We believe in green. We believe in a nicer, healthier home with plants. Especially plants that have been cultivated with respect for the environment as well as for the employee. Those are Bunnik Plants. Which explains our mission: A Bunnik Plant in every home. 100% finished, so shop and windowsill-ready. With pots, added value and excellent service.