We decide together

At Bunnik Plants, we deviate from the usual pyramid division of management, managers and employees. We have Self-Organising Teams, which means that everyone thinks along. We say: "That's up to you!"

Our core values

Everyone in our company is aware of our core values. These are the only rules that we follow. If you’re not OK with this, things won't work out. If you are, everything will be great.

Team players

Team players help each other. They support each other when someone needs to learn something. Team players create something beautiful together. Early in the morning, and during Friday afternoon drinks!

Our team
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Entrepreneurial people seek and find opportunities. Think along and make shared decisions. Entrepreneurial people roll up their sleeves and make the world a bit more beautiful.

Our company
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Professionals say what they do and do what they say. Professionals work neatly and are not only builders but also finishers.

Direct contact
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Why Bunnik

More than just a plant, for everyone. By growing sustainably and through TOP collaboration. We believe in green. We believe in a nicer, healthier home with plants. Especially plants that have been cultivated with respect for the environment as well as for the employee. Those are Bunnik Plants. Which explains our mission: A Bunnik Plant in every home. 100% finished, so shop and windowsill-ready. With pots, added value and excellent service.