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Pet Candy

Our Pet Candy line is there for all pets! The plants within this line are grown animal friendly and therefore non-toxic.

Tropical paradise

We grow the Banana Musa, better known as the banana plant, in different sizes. Our smallest variety is in a 12 cm pot and our largest can be up to 2 metres high!

Nursery Lankhaar, how about that?

Maybe you noticed that the appearance of nursery Lankhaar looks a lot like a Bunnik Plants nursery. The two poles in front of the building, the blue facade... This nursery is also known as Bunnik Plants 2. But how does it work?

Top 5 easy to care for houseplants.

We have put together a top 5 with the easiest to take care of houseplants.

New members at Bunnik Plants!

Bunnik Plants has a new plant in its family: The Dracaena Compacta! A strong air-purifying houseplant that is easy to care for. His brothers will also be available soon.

Should you touch your plants

Don't touch your plants, let them touch each other. Plants do have feelings and touching them has consequences for growth. Where a plant grows faster when it touches other plants, the growth decreases when people touch it.


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