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The Tillandsia Cyanea

The Tillandsia Cyanea is a tropical plant from Ecuador and with its bright pink comb in the middle this plant is a real eye catcher in the house!

Turn your bathroom greener

Create a true wellness feeling in the bathroom with these green bathroom friends.

New in our assortment: Pachira aquatica 3 stem

You know them, those plants with a braided stem. Bunnik also has this plant in its assortment, but now also has the Pachira aquatica 3 stem!


We would like to thank everyone and hope for many more great years with our TOPpers, our customers and our relations!​

Winter Plants

Although we grow plants for indoor use, it might be useful to know which indoor plants are better able to withstand the cold.

What do leaves say about a plant?

Some plants are "born" with funny characteristics such as hairy leaves. But it can also happen that you've just bought a nice new plant and the leaves suddenly turn brown! Read here what the leaves say about a plant and what you can do to change or prevent this.


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