17 februari 2021

Counting plants

Every year in January our accountants come to check whether the number of plants in our records corresponds to the plants we have in our greenhouses.

If we were to count all the plants one by one, we would spend 15 months. This is, of course, a hopeless task. Therefore, the accountants take a number of samples per garden and count whether this matches our stock records. Every year we are proud of our colleagues from all locations when it turns out to be correct! This year one of the accountants did the count with us for the first time. He walked through the greenhouse with a big smile and big eyes, he really didn't know what he saw.

Accountant: "It was nice to see how big Bunnik really is, my first impression is impressive. I have been to many companies but never to a horticultural company like Bunnik. Especially greenhouses 3 and 4, which are fully automated. Nice company and a fun experience! I'm looking forward to the end-of-year inspection."
Now you must be curious how many plants were counted? At Bunnik Plants we have approximately 9,500,000 plants growing. Interested in all these plants, or a part of them? Then please contact us.

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