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New in our assortment: Pachira aquatica 3 stem

You know them, those plants with a braided stem. Bunnik also has this plant in its assortment, but now also has the Pachira aquatica 3 stem!


We would like to thank everyone and hope for many more great years with our TOPpers, our customers and our relations!​

Winter Plants

Although we grow plants for indoor use, it might be useful to know which indoor plants are better able to withstand the cold.

What do leaves say about a plant?

Some plants are "born" with funny characteristics such as hairy leaves. But it can also happen that you've just bought a nice new plant and the leaves suddenly turn brown! Read here what the leaves say about a plant and what you can do to change or prevent this.

Black & White

Two new plant friends have recently joined the Bunnik family, the Philodendron Black Cardinal and Philodendron White Wave.

New in our Green Event Centre!

Curious about the newest plant species we grow at Bunnik Plants?


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