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Who doesn't like strawberries!

The first Fragaria ananassa Beltrans, or strawberry plants, were potted in early February. Are you still looking for strawberry plants? Then please contact us!

Counting plants

If we were to count all the plants one by one, we would spend 15 months. Read here how we still keep track of our inventory.

The Tillandsia Cyanea

The Tillandsia Cyanea is a tropical plant from Ecuador and with its bright pink comb in the middle this plant is a real eye catcher in the house!

Turn your bathroom greener

Create a true wellness feeling in the bathroom with these green bathroom friends.

New in our assortment: Pachira aquatica 3 stem

You know them, those plants with a braided stem. Bunnik also has this plant in its assortment, but now also has the Pachira aquatica 3 stem!


We would like to thank everyone and hope for many more great years with our TOPpers, our customers and our relations!​


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