11 juni 2021

Grower's tip: Plants for the window sill

You know the feeling, after you have just bought a beautiful plant, you put it proudly in the window and it gets yellow or brown leaves after a few days already! There are plants that cannot stand the full sun, but fortunately there are also many that are happy with a spot in the window sill. We take you through our choices as growers! 

Strelitzia - The Strelitzia is happiest in the sun, it is used to that because it comes from tropical areas.
Sansevieria - As we have said many times before, this plant is strong, very strong! That's why it survives also in full sun!
Musa (banana plant)
- The banana plant also comes from tropical areas and is used to sunlight.
Succulents, Aloe Vera, Kalanchoe - These plants store water in their leaves and can use their water supply at any time, also when it is dry.

Of course, it remains important to keep an eye on these plants and give them enough water. Banana plants need a lot of water, Strelitzia enough to get through a week and the Sansevieria and succulents need little water.

Note that plants almost always drop a few leaves after purchase due to the stress of transportation, temperature differences and lack of light.  

Do you have a question about plant care or which plants are right for a particular space? Let us know at marketing@bunnikplants.nl and who knows we will include it in the next 'Tip from the grower'!

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