5 februari 2021

The Tillandsia Cyanea

The Tillandsia Cyanea is a tropical plant from Ecuador and with its bright pink comb in the middle this plant is a real eye catcher in the house!

From this pink comb purple flowers can grow. When the Tillandsia blooms, new shoots appear at the bottom of the plant, when the pink bract turns green it dies. The plant from which it emerged will also die. The new shoots will grow into new plants that will flower in the rainforest after about 2 years. In order to bloom, the Bromelia needs certain gases. At home you seem to be able to induce this by placing a piece of ripe apple in the tube.

The Tillandsia Cyanea belongs to the Bromelia family (Bromeliaceae) and is therefore an epiphyte. These types of plants or organisms grow on other plants without getting their nutrients from them. The Tillandsia Cyanea is therefore easy to care for and requires very little water. Once a week a little water in its calyces will do the plant good. Speaking of chalices... the chalices of Bromeliads are home to numerous insects and amphibians. Frogs have been known to develop their tadpoles in the calyxes of Bromeliads. Furthermore, this houseplant likes to be in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight.

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