23 december 2020

Winter Plants

Although we grow plants for indoor use, it might be useful to know which indoor plants are better able to withstand the cold. Who knows, maybe you have a spot in your house that is colder than others and would like to place a plant here!

We have selected the following plants that can grow perfectly under cold conditions:

  • Fatsia Japonica

The Fatsia can withstand temperature changes and can even be placed in the garden. Indoors this plant does well in a cold place.

  • Sansevieria Superba

We've talked before about this strong plant. Easy to take care of, provides good humidity and can also withstand low temperatures.

  • Cacti and succulents

These plants are accustomed to fierce temperature changes and can therefore also withstand the cold.

  • Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is also a kind of succulent plant and can withstand cold temperatures.

A tip: the colder it gets, the less you have to water the plant. If you water too much in a cold period, the plant can rot.

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