20 januari 2021

Turn your bathroom greener

It's cold and dark outside and to just relax or warm up, a hot bath or shower is of course wonderful! But often bathrooms can still use some coziness and life. Plants can contribute greatly to this! Bathrooms are often located in the middle of the house and don't get a lot of light, and the humidity doesn't make every plant happy either. But there are certainly plants that can be very happy in the bathroom! Take ferns for example, these plants often come from a tropical area with high humidity. Here you can think of the Nephrolepis vitale (Curly fern), the Asplenium antiquum (Nesting fern) and the Adiantum Fritz-Luthi (Venus hair). There are also plants that just do well anywhere and are not too demanding. Think for example of the Chlorophytum comosum (Grass Lily), the Aloe Vera and how could it be otherwise... the Sansevieria superba! This plant is indestructible and can therefore perfectly stand in the bathroom. Create a true wellness feeling in the bathroom with these green bathroom friends.

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