30 july 2021

Bunnik Beauty's: plants with an unusual leaf pattern

We see them more and more around us, special plants. Why place a boring plant in your house when you can also place a statement piece! Especially plants with a beautiful leaf pattern are becoming more and more popular and these 'Bunnik Beauty's' should certainly not be missed:

Philodendron 'White Wave'
This green friend, the Philodendron 'White Wave', is totally hip, precisely because it is different and therefore adds something special to your interior. The 'White Wave' is characterized by the white stripes on its green leaves. The plant needs little light and water and is therefore easy to care for. This plant likes high humidity and likes its soil to be slightly moist.
Dieffenbachia 'Cool Beauty'
Meet one of the newest houseplants of Bunnik Plants: the Dieffenbachia 'Cool Beauty'. This plant is named after Mr. Dieffenbach, the gardener of the famous Princess Sisi! The 'Cool Beauty' is very good at purifying the air because of its large leaves. So this plant is perfect for the office or home! Who doesn't want to live in clean air? Because the Dieffenbachia 'Cool Beauty' has large leaves, this plant also likes a lot of water. Make sure, however, that it does not get its feet wet. In addition, this houseplant likes light, but not direct sunlight.
Kalanchoe Aurora
Colorful and compact easy-to-care for plants are trending! Bunnik Plants has managed to combine these two in the Kalanchoe Aurora. Unlike the other Kalanchoes we sell, this variety has no flowers at the time of sale because its leaves alone are special! The white line on the leaf is akin to the Northern Lights, hence its matching name. Thanks to its robust thick leaves, which it stores water in, the Kalanchoe Aurora is easy to care for. This green friend can be placed in the shade and sun, can withstand temperature changes and needs little water.
Begonia maculata 'Silverspot
The Begonia maculata 'Silverspot' is also known as the 'Polka Dot' plant. And that's not surprising, because this houseplant has dots on the top of its leaves! The underside is also special, as it is red-purple in color! The Begonia maculata 'Silverspot' likes to stand in moist soil. It is best to place this plant in a light place, but not in direct sunlight. Do you like plants with a crazy leaf pattern or a crazy color? Then this houseplant should be on top of the list.

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