7 april 2020

The benefits of plants

Plants & Living

Did you know that... Plants improve your home environment in different ways? Plants make you think about nature, this makes you relax physically but also mentally this can have a relaxing effect. Our green friends purify the air and provide better humidity in the house. In addition, they provide good bacteria which contributes to good health. 

Plants & Work

Work sapping your energy? Do you find it hard to focus? Plants have been shown to make workers more creative, productive, and motivated while helping them stay calm, relaxed, and focused. Plants at work boost energy, reduce sick leave, and reduce eye strain. Plants also improve air quality by removing carbon dioxide, particulates, and harmful chemicals. So if you work from home or outside your house, plants will contribute to a productive and happy workplace

Plants & Study

Are you a student or do you have kids who study at home and is it hard to stay focused no you're at home? A research has shown that classrooms with plants have many positive effects, including:

  • Test scores increase by 10%
  • Children are 7% healthier
  • Symptoms of ADD are reduced

So be sure to bring a plant into your house, especially in these times, when many people are at home and want to stay healthy and focused!






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