1 april 2020

No hand, but a plant

Despite the fact that we still have big orders, we also have to deal with a large amount of plants that we would otherwise have to throw away. At Bunnik our motto is: 'In every house a Bunnik Plant' and that's why we came up with the idea on Friday to hand out plants to residents in the neighbourhood. The boxes (sponsored by Twinpack) and flyers were ordered. De Driesprong shared their truck and there were enough employees of Bunnik who were happy to help. 

Tuesday morning the campaign started under the name: 'Geen hand, maar een plant' (which means 'We don't shake hands, we give plants'). The boxes were printed and filled in one of our greenhouses and then we hitted the road. The car had to drive back and forth several times to get the 500 boxes, which we started with, to their destination. The recipients were all very enthusiastic and grateful. When we walked through the district later on the day, many window sills were already filled with our plants. This week and next week we will hand out even more plants and make even more people happy, because plants make you happy!
In the box there's a mix of six plants in Easter style, that provide a healthy living environment. They provide better air quality, stabilization and reduction of CO2 levels, reduce stress and tension and increase concentration. Handy for when you work at home in these times!

On social media you can find more images and reactions under the hashtag #GeenHandMaarEenPlant

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