6 november 2020

Hang in there!

Hanging plants are totally hip and nowadays you have the nicest pots to hang them in or high pots to hang them over! Just because hanging plants hang higher, this gives a nice effect in space. This is because there is often enough on the floor and little in the height. This makes plants a nice addition to brighten up bare walls and give dynamic to a space. Are you interested in hanging green friends? At Bunnik we grow the following hanging plants:

- Tradescantia Violet Hill
- Tradescantia Velvet Hill
- Tradescantia Quadricolor
- Meulenbeckia Maori
- Callisia Repens

The Platycerium Netherlands and Chlorophytum Variegata can also be given a high spot as a hanging plant, but can also stand well low.

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