9 september 2020

Bunniks Originals

Besides "regular" houseplants, Bunnik is also known for growing its own varieties. There is a lot of experimentation and this results in beautiful plant species. The following plants are a great success of Bunnik Plants:

  •           Pogonatherum monica
  •           Ficus lyrata 'Bambino
  •           Monstera deliciosa in pot size Ø 12 cm
  •           Aloe Vera Clumb
  •           Curio 'Mount Everest' (Senecio) in pot size Ø 12 cm
  •           Cyperus percamenthus
  •           Ficus Babilatos with its unique appearance
  •           Alocasia Wentii on pot size Ø 12 cm
  •           Begonia 'Red Ruby
  •           Dieffenbachia 'Cool Beauty


And from 2021, Bunnik Plants will be the exclusive grower of the Tillandsia 'Curly Slim'.

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