19 augustus 2020

Summer plants

It's summer and we've already had some hot days! Have your plants survived this heat? Especially for the hot summer days we have made a selection of plants that can be placed in full sun, so you can continue to enjoy beautiful houseplants, even during these sunny days.


The Crassula will grow best in the brightest spot in the house. This plant needs to get used to the sun when you place it in full sun. When the Crassula gets too little light, the fullness of the leaves will diminish or even fall out.


We mentioned it before, the Sansevieria is one of the easiest plants to take care of. Even in the full sun this plant does well because the plant is originally a desert plant.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is also a plant that loves direct sunlight, but needs some getting used to. The Aloe Vera is a succulent plant which means that it stores water in the leaves. That's why it doesn't mind if the soil dries out a bit.

Bonsai Ficus 'Ginseng'

Originally Ficus is a tropical tree that also grows outside in the sun. That's why the miniature versions also like direct sunlight. If you have put the plant somewhere, don't try to move it anymore. They can't stand this very well. 

How do you let a plant get used to it?

First place the plant a few meters from the window. Put the plant in the sun for a few hours and then put it back in a less sunny spot. Do this longer and longer until the plant is used to the sun. You can place the plant closer and closer to the window and eventually it can stand in full sun.

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