15 july 2020

Tropical paradise

We grow the Banana Musa, better known as the banana plant, in different sizes. Our smallest variety is in a 12 cm pot and our largest can be up to 2 metres high! A while ago we had the campaign 'No Hand, But A Plant' and our temporary Bunnik shop was opened. In this period many banana plants were given away or bought. If there are cuttings growing around your banana plant, you can scoop them out with roots, possibly with some soil and put them in a new pot with soil. This way you will have all new banana plants in no time and feel like you live in a tropical paradise! Do you have a small banana plant, but would you like to have a banana tree? When you have the time, it is possible! Make sure that you always repot the plant in a larger pot, so the roots have more space and the plant can grow bigger.

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