2 july 2020

Top 5 easy to care for houseplants.

Some people are real plant friends, where the plants always look their best. There are also people who try very hard, but the plants die anyway and there are people who just aren't that observant and forget their green friends every now and then. For those last two groups we have put together a top 5 with the easiest to take care of houseplants.

Sanseveria Superba 
Muehlenbeckia Maori

The Sanseveria Suberba and Dracaena types we sell are strong plants. You can easily forget them for a month, handy if you are away from home a lot.
Succulents are known to store water in their leaves. Because they have this characteristic, they can survive without water for a while. They only need water once every two weeks. If you see them hanging or collapsing, you probably are giving them too much water.
The Grasslily, official name: Chloropythum Comosum, grows fast and produces many cuttings, so you can always grow a new plant, in the case it dies. When the leaves become lighter and pale, these plants need more water.
The Muehlenbeckia Maori is a plant that grows quickly and is easy to care for. A little light and water is enough to enjoy this plant for a long time.

Plants remain living creatures, so it can always happen that they do not survive. Don't worry! There are plenty of other plants waiting for a nice house!

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