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More than 750,000 plants a week!

Did you know that every week we deliver more than 750,000 plants to our customers?

Bunniks Originals

Besides "regular" houseplants, Bunnik is also known for growing its own varieties.

Happy plants!

Eline is a cultivation specialist at Bunnik Plants 1 and will be happy to tell you more about the plants that are grown here.

Summer plants

It is summer and especially for the hot summer days we have made a selection of plants that can be put in full sun.

Combine the Juncus Liebeslocken with pot

Our plant of the month is the Juncus effusus `Spiralis`. See here a few examples of the Juncus with a selection of ceramics to create a window sill ready product.

Let’s celebrate! Scream for icecream

Last Friday it was announced that we have successfully completed the MPS, Global G.A.P., Grasp and Planetproof audit and we celebrated this with icecream!


Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Are you curious about the latest developments in the floriculture sector? Think of product launches, demos, sustainable innovations and all that surrounded by a palette of colors and fragrances. ​Visit us during the Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2020 between 4 - 6 november! Discover. Admire. And connect. With each other and the world.

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