8 december 2020

What do leaves say about a plant?

Some plants are "born" with funny characteristics such as hairy leaves. These plants protect themselves in this way against creatures that can attack the leaves. The leaves of succulents and the Aloe Vera, for example, are very thick and fleshy. This is because these plants store water in their leaves. These plants therefore need less water than other plants because they have their own reserve. If these leaves are suddenly slack and dull, then their reserve is almost gone and they need water. Succulents can even get beautiful colors due to drought in some cases; from bright pink, to sometimes even bright blue and purple. But it can also happen that you've just bought a nice new plant and the leaves suddenly turn brown! Read here what the leaves say about a plant and what you can do to change or prevent this. 

Help! The leaves of my plant are turning yellow or brown! 

This can be a sign that your plant is getting too much or too little light or has a surplus or lack of water. If the plant is in full sun, place it a little further away from the window. If the plant is in the dark, put it a bit more towards the light. Feel the soil of the plant. If it is still moist, you can skip it by watering your plants. Is the soil dry? Then maybe you should water the plant more often.

Help! My plant is losing leaves!

Unfortunately, this can have several causes. This can happen because of the above reasons; too much or too little light / water or because the plant just done growing. There are even plant species that store salts or harmful substances in the leaves and drop them when they are "full".  

Help! My plant gets a light green color! 

This is most likely due to a nitrogen deficiency in the soil. You can easily solve this by adding nutrients to the soil. If the plant is in a dark place, it can also be caused by a lack of light. You can compare it to a tent that has been standing on the grass for 2 weeks. If you remove it, the grass under the tent is also very light in color. 

Help! The leaves of my plant start to curl! 

This is probably due to a lack of water. You can also see this when the plant is hanging limp. Water the plant more often to prevent it from hanging limp or curling.  

Plants remain living creatures and react to their environment. You are the one who can make them as comfortable as possible. But don't be too strict with yourself. If your plant really doesn't recover anymore, then you just have a good reason to get a nice new plant in your house!

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