8 july 2020

Nursery Lankhaar, how about that?

Maybe you noticed that the appearance of nursery Lankhaar looks a lot like a Bunnik Plants nursery. The two poles in front of the building, the blue facade... This nursery is also known as Bunnik Plants 2. But how does it work?

Lankhaar Nursery has been located at Groendalseweg 74, the location where Bunnik Plants 2 used to be located, since August 2008. The entire 30,000m2 nursery is fully technically adapted to the growing of Kalanchoes. Approximately 100,000 beautiful Kalanchoes are produced every week. Lankhaar has its own cutting line, the Perfecta breeding. The Kalanchoes are single and double-flowered and are available in 15 different types/colours.
As of February 2009, nursery Lankhaar and Bunnik Plants have decided to join forces. Our sales team takes care of the day trade and the term trade. At the auction The Kalanchoes are also auctioned by Bunnik Plants.

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